After virtually any incident Call Detail Record (CDR) analysis plays a key role in the investigation. Though the CDR data is available in a readable format, it is almost impossible to manually find useful information from a list of records, due to various reasons, including the human minds limitations at analysing huge strings of numbers, phone numbers making even lesser sense than names, cryptic cell IDs not disclosing where a Target has been, indirect links between Targets remaining unexposed, and CDR data being provided in multiple formats, which are neither standardized nor uniform, and exceedingly large in size, making them extremely difficult to analyze manually.

Linking the CDR with subscriber and cell tower directories is a difficult and time consuming process. Even answers to common queries like call frequency, common numbers, IMEI change, target movement, inter tower calls etc., can take weeks and result in investigation delays.


  • A graphical wizard for quick and easy import of Call Detail Records and Tower Dumps from all popular formats including Excel, Access, SQL, CSV and HTML
  • Software can be customized to support proprietary formats of CDR / Tower Dump data
  • Comprehensive Reports on Call Frequency, Common Numbers, IMEI Numbers, Time Line Analysis, Tower Dumb Analysis etc.
  • Seamlessly integrates with provided Subscriber and Cell Tower Directory from multiple service providers
  • GIS Tracking of Targets' Locations on Digital Map
  • Multi-Level Visual Link Analysis helps find hidden Connections and Networks
  • Optimized & Scalable to handle millions of records of multiple Targets on modest hardware


Lawful Interception and Monitoring Solution


Real Time Location Tracking Solution


Passive Mass Communication Interception Solution