VerbaPROBE is a passive mass communication interception solution for intelligence agencies. VerbaPROBE uses sophisticated probes for mass collection, real time filtering, collection and analysis of communications (Voice, Fax, Modem Data and internet) from PSTN, GSM, IP and Satellite and Microwave links.

Investment Protection - Intelligence agencies need not buy separate systems for different kind of networks. This unified approach also provides substantial savings in the integration and training required to deploy, use and maintain multiple systems from different manufactures.


  • Passive Probe based unified platform for Mass Communication Interception, Storage and Analysis
  • Signaling Support - SS7, R2, C5 and clear channel signaling for circuit switched networks
  • Wide range of physical interfaces:
    • LAN: 1G - 10G Ethernet (Copper/Fibre)
    • WAN: POS and SDH (STM-1/OC-3 to STM-16/OC-48)
    • TDM: E1/T1 - E3/T3
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) based Layer 2 – Layer 7 Classification and Meta Data Extraction for packet switched networks
  • Advanced analytical tools - Visual Link Analysis, Speaker/Language/Gender Identification, Location Tracking, Free Text Search
  • Open architecture with commercial off the shelf available hardware and system software components


Lawful Interception and Monitoring Solution


Real Time Location Tracking Solution


Tower Dump and CDR Analysis Toolkit