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Kommlabs helps Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies not just by collecting and collating the intercepts in real time, but more importantly by providing the analytical capability to extract intelligence from vast stores of data.

Over the past 27 Years, we are focused only on homeland security solutions. During this period, our solutions are evolved and hardened by the real world users’ feedback & suggestion, diversity of network topology & data formats and country specific regulations.

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Lawful Interception and Monitoring Solution

A Unified Monitoring Centre Solution that enables LEAs to Intercept, Monitor and Analyze Targets’ Voice, Fax, SMS, Location and Internet Communications.

VerbaCENTRE complies with ETSI, CALEA and SORM standards for Lawful Interception. The system can be further customized to comply with the country-specific regulations.

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Real Time Location Tracking Solution

Track any Mobile that is switched on, in real-time, and monitor its location 24x7!

Monitor Targets even when they are roaming in other countries. Generate alerts when a Target enters or leaves a Geo Fence.

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Tower Dump and CDR Analysis Toolkit

An interactive visual analytical tool that finds invisible relationships and exposes networks across millions of records from multiple databases.

ReveaLINX answers even the most complex investigation queries with few clicks like:

  • Who are the Close Associates of Targets?
  • What are the Common Numbers in Tower Dumps?
  • Where all have your Targets visited, and when?
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Passive Mass Communication Interception Solution

A Mass Interception solution for Intelligence Agencies using passive probes for traditional circuit switched networks and packet switched network.

VerbaPROBE allows Intelligence Agencies to quickly gather intelligence from the vast amount of data using analytical tools like Multi-lingual OCR, Free Text Search, Speaker and Language Identification and advanced data mining.

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